Shipping Instructions for U.S. Suppliers
These instructions supersede all previous shipping instructions and must be retained for reference. Please follow these instructions unless you are provided other instructions in writing.

These instructions apply to all shipments sent F.O.B. origin, or any Incoterm whereby Goodrich, Aerostructures Group pays or bears the cost of freight, and applies to the following locations: Chula Vista, Aerostructures Group Headquarters, 850 Lagoon Dr., Chula Vista, California - 8200 Arlington Ave, Riverside - 1300 West Fern Avenue, Foley, Alabama - 2005 Technology Way, San Marcos, Texas - Everett Integration Site, 2615 94th St., SW, Everett, Washington

Goodrich Aerospace de Mexico shipments are routed through our broker R.L. Jones, 1778 Zinetta Road, Suite A, Calexico California 92231

Non-compliance with routing
Failure to comply with these instructions and the specific carriers identified on the attached may result in a debit to your account for the difference in cost between approved and not approved carrier charges, plus a fee for our administrative expense.

General Routing Requirements
The following specific requirements apply to shipments moving on an F.O.B. origin basis, or any Incoterm whereby Goodrich, Aerostructures Group pays or bears the cost of freight:

  • Air shipments require a Premium Freight Authorization (PREFAR) issued by either the buyer of the Chula Vista Global Logistics Department.
  • Both the Aerostructures P.O. Number and PREFAR number must be shown in the Shippers Reference Block of the air waybill.
  • Since air rates are based on actual or dimensional weight, these factors must be considered when selecting the appropriate carrier.
  • Air freight of items over 120 long should be coordinated with the Global Logistics Department.
  • All F.O.B. origin shipments or any Incoterm whereby Goodrich, Aerostructures Group pays or bears the cost of freight: (including UPS or FedEx Ground) are to move COLLECT. Prepay and add shipments are not allowed.
  • Aerostructures Group Purchase Order Numbers must appear on all packing sheets and freight bills, including third party bills.
  • Aerostructures Group is self insured. DO NOT insure shipments or declare value for carriage.
  • Consolidate items shipped on one day to the same destination on one air waybill or bill of lading.
  • All routing instructions are based on total aggregate (gross) weight, not per package weight.

Routing Questions
Please direct any questions to Global Logistics Dept. (619) 691-2722

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Chula Vista,California - Surface
Chula Vista,California - Premium
Everett, Washington - Surface
Everett, Washington - Premium
Foley, Alabama - Surface
Foley, Alabama - Premium
Riverside,California - Surface
Riverside,California - Premium
San Marcos,Texas - Surface
San Marcos,Texas - Premium
Mexicali, Mexico (via Calexico, CA) - DAP
Mexicali, Mexico (via Calexico, CA) - EXW
Mexicali, Mexico (via Calexico, CA) - FCA
Mexicali, Mexico (via Calexico, CA) - FAS
Mexicali, Mexico International orgin - EXW
Mexicali, Mexico International orgin - FCA
Mexicali, Mexico International orgin - FOB
Tianjin China routing
Toulouse,France - EXW
Toulouse,France - FAS
Toulouse,France - FCA